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"Hark the herald angels sing!"
- Christmas carol

In times strange as ours, we all find the need to get closer to our people - people that we love and people that we miss, out of the necessities of our new circumstances. Christmas may be this opportunity to remember that if someone is in our heart, they are never far away.

"Angelos!" is a handmade bronze sculpture capturing my sense of Christmas spirit.

It carries my signature and it is available on a small, up to 50, similar, limited numbering basis.

Each sculpture has been created with special care.
Shapes and textures are formed using traditional means, like files, wire brushes, cutters and silver melds.

My inspiration themes revolve mainly around human forms and are concerned with little everyday goals of balance and harmony between opposed, controversial things in nature and in principle.

The nature of handcrafting ensures that every piece created is unique.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions .

Material : Bronze, Dark bronze patina

Dimensions :
W 10 - D 5 - H 24 cm
W 4 - D 2 - H 9.5 inches


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